Sunday, 10 June 2018

BBC International Websites

If you are in the UK, most of you will be familiar with the BBC website The BBC does have several localised websites for non English languages and regional news. If you are browsing from the UK it is not at all obvious how to visit their localised websites as there are no links on their UK website.

Here is how I found their localised websites. Firstly I visited and, as one would expect, I landed on their UK homepage. But, there are no links to their localised sites. If there were I would be happy and would not be writing this article. Next I visited the wikipedia BBC article and saw that there is a different address I used this address but as I am browsing from the UK it redirects to which is not at all helpful. So, I am back to where I started.

To the rescue comes the Opera browser with itʼs builtin VPN. I set the VPN to a non UK location and now when I use I do not get redirected to Scroll down to the bottom of the page and I now see links to their localised websites. If you are browsing from the UK without such a VPN service these links will not redirect to

For your convenience I list below all the links to the BBC localised websites.

  1. Arabic عربي
  3. Bangla বাংলা
  4. Burmese မြန်မာစာ
  5. Chinese 中文
  6. French
  7. Hausa
  8. Hindi हिन्दी
  9. Indonesian
  10. Japanese 日本語
  11. Kinyarwanda & Kirundi
  12. Kyrgyz Кыргыз
  13. Marathi मराठी
  14. Nepali नेपाली
  15. Pashto پښتو
  16. Persian فارسی
  17. Portuguese
  18. Russian ру́сский
  19. Sinhala සිංහල
  20. Somali
  21. Spanish
  22. Swahili
  23. Tamil தமிழ்
  24. Turkish TÜRKÇE
  25. Ukrainian УКРАЇНСЬКA
  26. Urdu اردو
  27. Uzbek O'ZBEK
  28. Vietnamese TIẾNG VIỆT