Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Family of Korean IDNs

The following is a list of functioning Korean IDNs (Internationalized Domain Names). The TLD (Top Level Domain) used is 닷컴 which is Verisign's Korean language equivalent to their com TLD.

This family of Korean IDNs are concerned with Computer Repair 컴퓨터수리. The first two characters of the first 6 IDNs are names of Korean cities: 김포 Gimpo, 안양 Anyang, 용인 Yongin, 대구 Daegu, 파주 Paju, 성남 Seongnam. I think the first 2 characters of the next 2 IDNs are districts or neighbourhoods of 서울 Seoul: 용산 Yongsan, 종로 Jongno. The last one 일산 Ilsan, is a 동 neighbourhood of 고양 Goyang.

  1. 김포컴퓨터수리.닷컴
  2. 안양컴퓨터수리.닷컴
  3. 용인컴퓨터수리.닷컴
  4. 대구컴퓨터수리.닷컴
  5. 파주컴퓨터수리.닷컴
  6. 성남컴퓨터수리.닷컴
  7. 용산컴퓨터수리.닷컴
  8. 종로컴퓨터수리.닷컴
  9. 일산컴퓨터수리.닷컴

The following family of Korean IDNs all resolve to Fun Design website. I discovered this family at 홈페이지제작 means home page creation. The first 2 Korean characters of the first 9 IDNs are Korean cities: 과천 Gwacheon, 광주 Gwangju, 대구 Daegu, 대전 Daejeon, 부산 Busan, 서울 Seoul, 수원 Suwon, 울산 Ulsan and 인천 Incheon. The last one, 분당 Bundang, I am less certain about. I think it is a district of 성남 Seongnam.

  1. 과천홈페이지제작.닷컴
  2. 광주홈페이지제작.닷컴
  3. 대구홈페이지제작.닷컴
  4. 대전홈페이지제작.닷컴
  5. 부산홈페이지제작.닷컴
  6. 서울홈페이지제작.닷컴
  7. 수원홈페이지제작.닷컴
  8. 울산홈페이지제작.닷컴
  9. 인천홈페이지제작.닷컴
  10. 분당홈페이지제작.닷컴