Monday, 13 September 2021

Japanese Dog Food Domain Name

This morning I discovered an excellent Japanese dog food domain name ➜ プレミアムドッグフード.コム This translates as "premium dog food".com. It resolves to a well developed and complete website which provides comprehensive information on dog food.

The winning bonus feature of this site is that, as well as the domain name, the pathname part of the URLs is written in Japanese which is why I am writing about it in my blog. Many sites have an excellent non Latin Script domain name but, unfortunately and disappointingly, use ASCII for the pathname part of the URL.

Here are some of the fully Japanese URLs for プレミアムドッグフード.コム.

  1. プレミアムドッグフード.コム/モグワンドッグフード
  2. プレミアムドッグフード.コム/カナガンドッグフード
  3. プレミアムドッグフード.コム/ネルソンズドッグフード
  4. プレミアムドッグフード.コム/カテゴリー/ドッグフードの選び方

So, you have clicked one of the links in the above list and in the address bar of your browser you see the totally cool, fully Japanese URL. Suppose you now want to paste that URL into your word processor. You will most likely expect that what you see in the address bar of your browser is what you will get after the paste into your word processor. Well, sometimes you will and sometimes not. It will be dependent on the browser you are using.

As is common practice in computing and for good reasons, what is presented to users can be different to what is actually used under the bonnet. URLs may be ASCII encoded which for the domain name part will be punycode encoding and for the pathname part will be percent encoding

I tested copy/pasting of the browser address bar content to TextEdit with my current cocktail mix of browsers and versions. Safari, Opera and Yandex Яндекс gave me the fully Japanese URL text, which is what I want and as it should be.

Firefox gave me:

Chrome and Naver Whale 네이버 웨일 gave me:

These two ASCII encoded forms should never be presented to the user. This does not happen just with Japanese URLs. It happens with Unicode URLs. The Japanese characters are a subset of Unicode.

Japanese Domain Name 日本語ドメイン名

Monday, 30 August 2021

Water Margin Domain Names

Water Margin 水浒传/水滸傳 is one of the great Chinese classic novels. This novel features 108 heroes/outlaws. The .网址 Registry has individual webpages for many of these heroes, along with a Water Margin Domain Name of the form "hero name in simplfied chinese".网址. Below I list the heroes ordered by their ranking in and一百单八将 Currently I have listed only the 36 Heavenly Spirits 三十六天罡. Maybe in the future I will also add the 72 Earthly Fiends 七十二地煞.

The format of each list item is:

    name, nickname, domain name
I have included their nicknames because some of them are just so cool 😎

  1. Song Jiang 宋江, Protector of Justice 呼保義 宋江.网址
  2. Lu Junyi 卢俊义, Jade Qilin 玉麒麟 卢俊义.网址
  3. Wu Yong 吴用, Resourceful Star 智多星 吴用.网址
  4. Gongsun Sheng 公孙胜, Dragon in the Clouds 入雲龍 公孙胜.网址
  5. Guan Sheng 关胜, Great Blade 大刀 关胜.网址
  6. Lin Chong 林冲, Panther Head 豹子頭 林冲.网址
  7. Qin Ming 秦明, Fiery Thunderbolt 霹靂火 秦明.网址
  8. Huyan Zhou 呼延灼, Double Clubs 雙鞭 呼延灼.网址
  9. Hua Rong 花荣, Little Li Guang 小李廣 花荣.网址
  10. Chai Jin 柴进, Little Whirlwind 小旋風 柴进.网址
  11. Li Ying 李应, Striking Hawk 撲天雕 李应.网址
  12. Zhu Tong 朱仝, Lord of the Beautiful Beard 美鬚公 朱仝.网址
  13. Lu Zhishen 鲁智深, Flowery Monk 花和尚 鲁智深.网址
  14. Wu Song 武松, Tiger-fighting Hero 打虎英雄 武松.网址
  15. Dong Ping 董平, General of Double Spears 雙槍將 董平.网址
  16. Zhang Qing 张清, Featherless Arrow 沒羽箭 张清.网址
  17. Yang Zhi 杨志, Blue Faced Beast 青面獸 😞
  18. Xu Ning 徐宁, Gold Lancer 金槍手 徐宁.网址
  19. Suo Chao 索超, Impatient Vanguard 急先鋒 索超.网址
  20. Dai Zong 戴宗, Magic Traveller 神行太保 戴宗.网址
  21. Liu Tang 刘唐, Red Haired Devil 赤髮鬼 刘唐.网址
  22. Li Kui 李逵, Black Whirlwind 黑旋風 李逵.网址
  23. Shi Jin 史进, Nine Tattooed Dragons 九紋龍 史进.网址
  24. Mu Hong 穆弘, Unrestrained 沒遮攔 穆弘.网址
  25. Lei Heng 雷横, Winged Tiger 插翅虎 雷横.网址
  26. Li Jun 李俊, River Dragon 混江龍 😞
  27. Ruan Xiaoʼer 阮小二, Tai Sui Who Stands His Ground 立地太歲 😞
  28. Zhang Heng 张横, Boatman 船火兒 张横.网址
  29. Ruan Xiaowu 阮小五, Short-lived Second Brother 短命二郎 阮小五.网址
  30. Zhang Shun 张顺, White Stripe in the Waves 浪里白條 😞
  31. Ruan Xiaoqi 阮小七, Living King Yama 活閻羅 阮小七.网址
  32. Yang Xiong 杨雄, Sick Guan Suo 病關索 😞
  33. Shi Xiu 石秀, Daredevil Third Brother 拚命三郎 石秀.网址
  34. Xie Zhen 解珍, Double-headed Snake 兩頭蛇 解珍.网址
  35. Xie Bao 解宝, Twin-tailed Scorpion 雙尾蠍 解宝.网址
  36. Yan Qing 燕青, Prodigal 浪子 燕青.网址

😞 means either There isnʼt a 网址 webpage for that character and hence no Water Margin Domain Name or I have not been able to find one.

Chinese Domain Name 中文域名

Tuesday, 24 August 2021

Dream of the Red Chamber Domain Names

Dream of the Red Chamber 红楼梦 is one of the great classic Chinese novels, the author of which is Cao Xueqin 曹雪芹 曹雪芹.网址. This novel contains an impressive 400+ characters.

In my article I introduced the impressive .网址 (website) Registry initiative which consists of many hundreds of single webpages each of which gives information on a person. The person may be fictional, real or mythical. Each of these single webpages has a domain name of the form "person name".网址. In my aforementioned article I listed a small number of "Dream of the Red Chamber Character".网址 domain names.

I decided to set myself a challenge which was to find all the "Dream of the Red Chamber Character".网址 domain names and below is what I found. I think it highly likely there are more pages than I have found though I do assume there will not be pages for minor characters that make only a brief appearance in the novel.

I have never read Dream of the Red Chamber and so have little knowledge of it. I may well have made mistakes and omitted relevant domain names in my list below. The first three items on my list are the three principle characters of the novel. Apart from that I have not made any attempt to organise or categorise the characters. I have just appended to the list, as I found their .网址 webpages.

  1. Jia Baoyu 贾宝玉 贾宝玉.网址
  2. Lin Daiyu 林黛玉 林黛玉.网址
  3. Xue Baochai 薛宝钗 薛宝钗.网址
  4. Jia Zheng 贾政 贾政.网址
  5. Lady Wang 王夫人 王夫人.网址
  6. Grandmother Jia 贾母 贾母.网址
  7. Qin Zhong 秦钟 秦钟.网址
  8. Liu Xianglian 柳湘莲 柳湘莲.网址
  9. Qin Keqing 秦可卿 秦可卿.网址
  10. Feng Ziying 冯紫英 冯紫英.网址
  11. Jia Yuanchun 贾元春 贾元春.网址
  12. Shi Xiangyun 史湘云 史湘云.网址
  13. Jia Huan 贾环 贾环.网址
  14. Jin Chuan 金钏 金钏.网址
  15. Qingwen 晴雯 晴雯.网址
  16. Jia Qiang 贾蔷 贾蔷.网址
  17. Ling Guan 龄官 龄官.网址
  18. Grandma Liu 刘姥姥 刘姥姥.网址
  19. Miaoyu 妙玉 妙玉.网址
  20. Pingʼer 平儿 平儿.网址
  21. Xiren 袭人 袭人.网址
  22. Li Wan 李纨 李纨.网址
  23. Jia Tanchun 贾探春 贾探春.网址
  24. Xue Baoqin 薛宝琴 薛宝琴.网址
  25. Jia Yucun 贾雨村 贾雨村.网址
  26. Zijuan 紫鹃 紫鹃.网址
  27. Third Sister You 尤三姐 尤三姐.网址
  28. Xiangling 香菱 香菱.网址
  29. Xue Pan 薛蟠 薛蟠.网址
  30. Jiang Yuhan 蒋玉菡 蒋玉菡.网址
  31. Jia Zhen 贾珍 贾珍.网址
  32. Jia Rong 贾蓉 贾蓉.网址
  33. Concubine Zhao 赵姨娘 赵姨娘.网址
  34. Si Qi 司棋 司棋.网址
  35. Lady Xing 邢夫人 邢夫人.网址
  36. Second Sister You 尤二姐 尤二姐.网址
  37. Fang Guan 芳官 芳官.网址
  38. Jia Rui 贾瑞 贾瑞.网址
  39. Zhinengʼer 智能儿 智能儿.网址
  40. Caixia 彩霞 彩霞.网址
  41. Jia Lan 贾兰 贾兰.网址
  42. Sheyue 麝月 麝月.网址
  43. Qiaojie 巧姐 巧姐.网址
  44. Xing Xiuyan 邢岫烟 邢岫烟.网址
  45. Yuchaun 玉钏 玉钏.网址
  46. Liu Wuʼer 柳五儿 柳五儿.网址
  47. Jia Yingchun 贾迎春 贾迎春.网址
  48. Jia Xichun 贾惜春 贾惜春.网址
  49. Jia Jing 贾敬 贾敬.网址
  50. Xue Ke 薛蝌 薛蝌.网址
  51. Jin Yuanyang 金鸳鸯 金鸳鸯.网址
  52. Wang Xifeng 王熙凤 王熙凤.网址
  53. Jia Lian 贾琏 贾琏.网址

Chinese Domain Name 中文域名

Monday, 16 August 2021

Chinese Historical Figures

网址 means website and .网址 is a Chinese script gTLD (generic Top Level Domain). KNET is the registry for .网址. Detailed information about .网址 is available at English ➜ and Chinese ➜ Namestat provides a comprehensive set of statistics for .网址 domains ➜

Now to an initiative which I consider to be creative, imaginative and seriously impressive. There are hundreds (maybe thousands) of .网址 webpages each of which describes a Chinese historical figure, an emperor, a poet, a painter and so on. The domain name of each webpage is of the form "Chinese Historical Figure".网址 (历史名人.网址). Within each webpage there are links to other (relevant) Chinese historical figures. Below I list a very small subset of these webpages. The webpages are in Chinese and so I have also included a link to a relevant English wikipedia page, if one is available.

  1. Emperors
    1. 秦始皇.网址
    2. 李世民.网址
    3. 朱棣.网址
  2. Painters
    1. 张择端.网址
    2. 仇英.网址
    3. 恽寿平.网址
  3. Physicians
    1. 扁鹊.网址
    2. 皇甫谧.网址
    3. 孙思邈.网址
  4. Poets
    1. 杜甫.网址
    2. 李白.网址
    3. 王维.网址
  5. Writers
    1. 曹雪芹.网址
    2. 罗贯中.网址
    3. 吴承恩.网址 Chengʼen
  6. The four beauties of ancient China 四大美女
    1. 西施.网址
    2. 王昭君.网址
    3. No 网址 page
    4. 杨玉环.网址
  7. Dream of the Red Chamber 红楼梦 (fictional) Characters

    1. 林黛玉.网址
    2. 薛宝钗.网址
    3. 史湘云.网址
    4. 王熙凤.网址
  8. Water Margin 水浒传 (fictional) Characters
    1. 蔡福.网址
    2. 林冲.网址
    3. 鲁智深.网址

You can explore .网址 domain websites using the site command ➜网址

Chinese Domain Name 中文域名

Monday, 12 July 2021

Embracing Native Script Person Names

I have long considered that we should do more to embrace and encourage use of native script person names rather than only using romanised person names. It seems to me, at times, that native script person names are being romanised out of existence.

Here are some real person names in both romanised and native script forms. I have written the romanised names in the conventional English ordering of given name followed by family name.

  1. Su-wei Hsieh 謝淑薇謝淑薇
  2. Jae-suk Yoo 유재석유재석
  3. Kyoko Fukada 深田恭子深田恭子
  4. Chinnawut Inthra-khusin ชินวุฒ อินทรคูสินชินวุฒ_อินทรคูสิน

Here are some considerations for embracing and encouraging use of native script names in an International English context.

🌎 Let people know you have a native script name. It is my (English) experience and observations that romanised names dominate and take precedence over native script names. I belong to a number of international email lists and forums and those members that do have native acript names usually only use their romanised names in communication. I suggest, instead, that you always use both your romanised and native script names eg at the end of your email or in an email signature. I encourage my students to, at every possible opportunity, use both romanised and native script names eg on the cover page of their project report. Think of your name as being complete when it is presented as a language pair, such as, Jae-suk Yoo 유재석 or Jae-suk 재석.

🌍 When communicating with someone, make an effort to learn and use their native script name. I am not expecting you to learn how to write a name in , say, Chinese, Thai, or Arabic. Rather, learn how best to address that person with their native script name. The person's preference may be for given name only or full name or some other convention. You have, of course, already saved that person's native script name and so all you need to do is a copy/paste.

Then there are Latin script names which have letters with diacritics. My given name has the acute accent over the letter e. So, my given name written correctly is André. How many people write my name correctly? Not many!! Most write my name as Andre!! It really is not very difficult to write my name correctly. All it takes is a tiny tiny amount of thought and effort. Many keyboards have a feature to make writing letters with diacritics easy. If I hold down the e key on my ABC - Extended OSX keyboard I am presented with a popup which gives me a choice of è or é or ê or ë or ē or ė or ę. Hold down the a key and I have a choice between à or á or â or ä or æ or ã or å or ā. Experiment with your keyboard. Press and hold some of the keys and see what happens. Many person names use letters with diacritics, not just mine. Ciarán, Órlaith and Ruairí are Irish Gaelic names which have the fada diacritic. Now that you know how easy it is to write Latin script letters with diacritics, I expect you to write such names correctly!

🌏 Store both the native script name and romanised name in your database. So, you have an online form for a person to enter their details. Your form may, for example, request entry of family name and given name and only allow the person to enter ASCII characters. I suggest then that you have an additional field which allows the person to enter their native script name. This field should accept Unicode characters as Unicode encompasses many human language scripts and will eventually cover all known human language scripts. Entering Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Arabic ...etc... names now becomes possible. Entering my name correctly now becomes possible. Currently, I am suggesting that this field would not be a primary key field but rather would compliment the romanised name.

Think of university graduation certificates. In the UK, the name of the student to whom it is awarded will have their name printed in romanised form only. We now have the native script name in the database and so we can have a certificate with a student's romanised and native script names. That would be so cool and adds to the international credentials of the university. I wonder which UK university will be the first to do it?

🌎 Use romanised and native script name pairs in your social media posts. My informal observations indicate that the majority of social media posts use romanised names only. The native script name is now available in the database and so, at every opportunity, use the name pair in your social media posts. A simple user interface to the database could provide the name pair as a single click copy which then can then be pasted into social media posts.

🌎 How to write the possessive form of a name pair? Over the years I have tried various constructs for writing the possessive with a name pair and never being satisfied with any of the constructs I have devised, until recently. In my twitter thread I have devised name pair possessive contructs for English and Korean language contexts which I am happy with.

  1. English language context: (Subin Yang 양수빈)’s ...
  2. Korean language context: (양수빈 Subin Yang)의 ...

🌍 Romanised names can be much less accurate than native script names. There are many different romanisations standards. There are name romanisations which do not adhere to any standard. Thus there can be more than one romanisation of a native script name, thus making the romanised names non unique and inaccurate. Here is a fictious and exaggerated for humourous effect example.

There is also a crucial consideration with respect to Chinese names. The hanyu pinyin 汉语拼音 (the standard romanisation used in China, there are other romanisations) form is much less accurate than the native script form. Many different Chinese names can be written with the same pinyin. A pinyin syllable usually has several/many different Chinese characters. Hong, for example, could be the pinyin for the Chinese characters 红 or 虹. Imagine reading the following dialogue which features several Chinese people each with a different Chinese name but written in Hanyu Pinyin, all the names are the same.

Hi Hong Wang. Oh, Hi Hong Wang I did not notice you. These are my classmates Hong Wang, Hong Wang and Hong Wang. We are just going for a drink. Please do join us and bring your friend Hong Wang. Sorry, we cannot as we are going to a football match where we will be meeting with our work colleagues Hong Wang, Hong Wang, Hong Wang, Hong Wang, Hong Wang, Hong Wang, Hong Wang and Hong Wang ...etc...😀

🌏 Usernames and Passwords and Email Addresses do not need to be ASCII only. In additional to traditional person names there are internet person identifiers in the form of usernames and email addresses. Many Systems/Computer Scientists/Programmers/Sys Admins insist that these identifiers have to be ASCII. I can assure you that these identifiers can be Unicode rather than ASCII which means these identifiers can consist of characters from most any human language script. I setup my with a Japanese Kana username, a Korean Hangul password and my Chinese email address 小山@电邮.在线

Whilst thinking about this article, I remembered So funny and so true🙂

Wednesday, 16 June 2021

An Impressive Korean Domain Name Front End Website provides comprehensive information about Korean restaurants, pensions, festivals, hospitals and more. This site also has an online shopping mall. They provide an API to access emmaru content.

There is a very impressive and very clever site which provides a Korean Domain Name (KDN) front end to emmaru content. This front end has not just one KDN link but thousands of KDN links!

So, first of all, letʼs start with the root entry Korean KDNs, which are:

  1. 동맛집.한국 contains 6127 outbound KDN links (checked on 17th June 2021)
  2. 역맛집.한국 contains 1264 outbound KDN links (checked on 17th June 2021)

The number of KDN links may well change over time. If you want to recheck my link numbers then you can use

There are a small number of broken links. The broken links I have spotted are those that contain the brackets ( and ) which are illegal characters for a KDN.

In order for me to explain the KDNs it is better if you have some understanding of To make it easier for you, I list below, from major to minor, the division names used in this site's naming of their KDNs.

  1. gun 군 county
  2. gu 구 district
  3. eup 읍 town
  4. myeon 면 township
  5. dong 동 neighbourhood

So, now onto an explanation of the KDN 동맛집.한국. 동 = dong, an administrative division of Korea. 맛집 means restaurant. 한국 is the TLD (Top Level Domain) for Korea (South). The landing page of 동맛집.한국 consists of thousands of live clickable KDN links presented in a table organised hierarchically by adminstrative division. Clicking on a KDN link will result in a list of restaurants for that administrative division being displayed. Here is a screen shot of a small part of the landing page.

Ulsan City Administrative Divisions

The text in the horizontal gray header is 울산 which is Ulsan city in south east Korea The left column lists administrative divisions of Ulsan: namgu 남구, donggu 동구, bukgu 북구, uljugun 울주군, junggu 중구. The right side column is filled with live clickable KDN links. The administrative division name forms part of the KDN. Here are some examples from the screen shot, above. I have coloured the relevant division names green.

  1. mugeodong 무거 무거.맛집.한국
  2. jeonhadong 전하 전하.맛집.한국
  3. yeonamdong 연암 연암.맛집.한국
  4. samnammyeong 삼남 삼남.동맛집.한국
  5. onsaneup 온산 온산.동맛집.한국
  6. dongdong 동.맛집.한국

In the 무거.동맛집.한국 list I noticed Singular Café 싱귤러커피 which is a hanok 한옥 style building Very impressive! Here is a kakao road view 카카오로드뷰 so you can see it in situ ➜

Now on to 역맛집.한국 ( station restaurant(s) . korea ). This page presents a table of stations divided into subway stations 지하철역, Korea Train Express 한국고속철도/KTX 케이티엑스 stations and standard train stations 기차역. The table has over a thousand live clickable KDNs. The KDNs are station names and when clicked will display a page listing restaurants near that station. Here is a screen shot of the Seoul Subway Line 7 stations 서울 7호선 part of the 역맛집.한국 landing page.

Seoul Subway Line 7 Stations

The right side table column lists the names of the stations on Line 7. The last character in each name is 역 which means station. The first name is Jangam Station 장암역 which is at the northern end of the line and the last name listed is Bupyeonggu Office station 부평구청역 at the south western end of the line. Seoul subway can be viewed at Here are some of the stations on Line 7.

  1. jangam station 장암역 장암.역맛집.한국
  2. sangbong station 상봉역 상봉.역맛집.한국
  3. isu station 이수역 이수.역맛집.한국
  4. namseong station 남성역 남성.역맛집.한국
  5. cheolsan station 철산역 철산.역맛집.한국
  6. sangdong station 상동역 상동.역맛집.한국

대군코다리 is a restaurant near to dobongsan station 도봉산역 on Line 7 도봉산.역맛집.한국. Here is a 대군코다리 kakao road view 카카오로드뷰

I have spent many years exploring IDNs (Internationalized Domain Names) of which KDNs are a subset. I have never before encountered a site having such an impressively huge set of IDNs. Here is a brief explanation of the basics of how it works. The KDNs 동맛집.한국 and 역맛집.한국 are registered with the Korean National Registry and are resolved by the Korean National DNS (Domain Name System) servers. X in X.동맛집.한국 and Y.역맛집.한국 are the 7391 KDN subdomains and are entered and resolved in the local DNS which in this case is JooDNS 주디엔에스 DNS If you would like to observe what is happening with the DNS servers you can experiment with using the KDNs from 동맛집.한국 and 역맛집.한국.

Similarly, but on a much much much smaller scale, my office Mac has the subdomains zaffre and 小山. I set this up in my University's local DNS many years ago. It makes for an interesting demo to my students when I connect remotely to my office Mac using it's 小山 name. Most students are surprised and not expecting it to work🙂

Korean Domain Name 한글 도메인 네임

Thursday, 20 May 2021

Millions of Domain Names

There are a number of organisations which maintain ranked lists of popular Domain Names where popular is determined by the criteria of said organisation.

🌏 Cisco Umbrella 1 Million

🌏 DomCop Top 10 million domains

🌏 The Majestic Million

🌏 DN Pedia: Top Million Websites & TLDs Provides an interactive interface to the Alexa Top 1 Million list.

Friday, 7 May 2021

IDN (Internationalized Domain Names) Statistics

The following sites give information on the number of registrations of IDN TLDs (Internationalised Domain Name Top Level Domains). These IDN TLDs use scripts other than the Latin script. IDN TLDs include, for example, .भारत (India) and .我爱你 (I Love You). For full list of TLDs, please see

🌏 lists the approximate number of domain name registrations for each TLD (Top Level Domain). Thay have one section dedicated to IDNs

🌎 namestat ICANN IDN new gTLDs are listed at

🌎 Domain Name Stats Click the top level light green button to select the category IDNs. It will remember your choice in a cookie.

🌍 Domain Name Stat Can list by TLD type such as generic or country but cannot list IDNs only and IDNs are displayed as punycode and not Unicode.

🌏 nTLDStats It has stats on ICANN New gTLDs and does not have a separate section explicitly for IDNs only.

🌏 Registries will have information on the IDN TLDs they manage. KRNIC (Korea Network Information Centre) manage .한국 (Korea) and the stats are available on their website at 한국인터넷정보센터.한국/jsp/eng/domain/kr/statistics.jsp

🌏 domain-status daily registrations Provides daily domain name registrations for TLDs .com, .net, .org, .info, .us, .name, .asia and .pro.

Wednesday, 5 May 2021

Jongno Hall Restaurant

Jongno Hall 종로회관 is a restaurant in Jeonju city 전주시, South Korea. It's website has the Korean Domain Name 종로회관.닷컴 where 닷컴 is Verisign's Korean Hangul dot com. Here is Jongno Hall on Kakao Road View 카카오로드뷰

Majestic have The Majestic Million which is their list of the domain names of the top 1 million websites according to their link based ranking system The Majestic Million is, as you were probably expecting, dominated by dot com, eg is at position 1, the highest rank, followed closely by at position 2. There are though a small number non ASCII TLDs (Top Level Domains) in the list, such as: 한국 (South Korea), москва (moscow), 网络 (internet) and 닷컴 (dot com).

Much to my (pleasant) surprise, on April 25th 2021, Jongno Hall's domain 종로회관.닷컴 made a grand entrance into The Majestic Million at position 960,703 and was labelled as a "New Entry". Since then it has been rapidly climbing up the rankings and currently (17th August 2021) has ranking position 43,197. I was tracking progress on a (mostly) daily basis which you can see on my twitter at or 고.한국/jongno.

Instant Page 인스턴트 페이지 lists Jongno Hall Restaurant website 종로회관.닷컴 as one of their works.

You are now probably expecting a conclusion with an explanation of why Jongno Hall has entered and is rapidly climbing The Majestic Million rankings. Well... sorry to disappoint but I do not have an explanation 🤔 😳 I guess SEO and/or promotion. If you have any insights please do tweet or message me at

Update 10th July 2021: The improvement in ranking of 종로회관.닷컴 has significantly slowed down so I am now going to stop regularly monitoring this site. I will check back occasionally. If you would like to see it's ranking position for yourself then please visit닷컴&oq=. You will be presented with a list of all domains in "The Majestic Million" with the TLD (Top Level Domain) 닷컴 which currently is just 종로회관.닷컴.

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Tuesday, 16 March 2021

KISA and KRNIC Korean Domain Names

KISA Korea Internet & Security Agency 한국인터넷진흥원 has responsibilities for South Korea's National networking infrastructure, one of these being to function as the KRNIC Korea Network Information Center 국인터넷정보센터.
  1. 한국인터넷진흥원.한국 KISA
  2. 인터넷진흥원.한국 KISA
  3. 한국인터넷정보센터.한국 KRNIC
  4. 인터넷정보센터.한국 KRNIC
  5. 후이즈검색.한국 whois

Here are kakao road views 카카오로드뷰 of KISA's office building in Naju city 나주시 and

Korean Domain Name 한글 도메인 네임

Sunday, 14 March 2021

Sempio Foods Korean Domain Names

Sempio Foods 샘표식품 is a South Korean food manufacturer. It's products include soy sauce 간장, gochujang 고추장, tea 차 and noodles 국수. Detailed information about Sempio and itʼs products available in English at

There are three available Korean Hangul TLDs (Top Level Domains): 한국 Korea, 닷컴 dot com and 닷넷 dot net. I am pleased to be able to report that Sempio 샘표 has domain names with all these Korea TLDs and they all resolve to active websites. Additionally Sempio has an ASCII com TLD domain name.

  1. 샘표.한국
  2. 샘표.닷컴
  3. 샘표.닷넷
  4. 샘표.com

Sempio have transformed the exterior of their Icheon 이천시 factory into a wonderfully creative and colourful work of art. Here is a Naver street view of their Icheon factory They also have a Sempio history museum and art exhibition space inside their factory. has an excellent set of photos of both the exterior and interior of the Sempio factory.

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Saturday, 27 February 2021

Jobband Korean Domain Names

Jobband 잡밴드 is a Korean Recruitment Agency. It has an impressively huge set of Korean Domain Names. Each is named for a specific occupation and their website adapts content according to that occupation eg 메디컬잡.닷컴 ➜ 메디컬 medical 잡 job 닷컴 dot com. To put it another way, their site is Domain Name Adaptive.

So far, I have found 60 of their Korean Domain Names, as below. There are, most likely, more of them.

  1. Confectionary & Bakery 제과제빵.닷컴
  2. Private Car Driver 승용기사.닷컴
  3. Sales Position 판매직.닷컴
  4. Interpreter/Translator 통번역.한국
  5. World Trade 트레이드잡.닷컴
  6. Driving 운전직.한국
  7. Heavy Equipment 중장비잡.닷컴
  8. Office 사무직.닷컴
  9. Secretary 경리비서.닷컴
  10. Marketing 마케팅잡.닷컴
  11. IT 아이티잡.닷컴
  12. Design 설계잡.닷컴
  13. Broadcasting Media 미디어잡.닷컴
  14. Law 법률직.닷컴
  15. Tax Accounting 세무직.닷컴
  16. Sales Business 영업직.닷컴
  17. Production 생산직.닷컴
  18. Machine Operator 머신잡.닷컴
  19. Telephone Sales 텔레마케터.닷컴
  20. Estate Agent 부동산잡.닷컴
  21. Hotel Service 호텔잡.닷컴
  22. Motel Service 모텔잡.닷컴
  23. Pension Service 펜션잡.닷컴
  24. Korean Food Cook 한식잡.닷컴
  25. Western Food Cook 양식잡.닷컴
  26. Chinese Food Cook 중식잡.닷컴
  27. Japanese Food Cook 일식잡.닷컴
  28. Medical 메디컬잡.닷컴
  29. Nursing 간호잡.닷컴
  30. Dental Service 덴탈잡.닷컴
  31. Part-Time 알바.닷넷
  32. Overseas 교포잡.닷컴
  33. Sailor Crewman 선원.한국
  34. Nail Art 네일아트.닷컴
  35. Construction 건설.한국
  36. Plumber 배관설비잡.닷컴
  37. Carpenter 목수.한국
  38. Industrial Plant 플랜트.한국
  39. Private Tutor 과외쌤.닷컴
  40. Housekeeper 파출.한국
  41. Security Guard 경비원.닷컴
  42. Cleaning Service 청소잡.닷컴
  43. Wedding Planner 웨딩잡.닷컴
  44. Veterinarian 애니멀잡.닷컴
  45. Golf 골프잡.com
  46. Travel Agency 여행사잡.com
  47. Delivery Service 택배잡.닷컴
  48. Barista 바리스타잡.닷컴
  49. Bartender 바텐더잡.닷컴
  50. Waiter 웨이터.닷컴
  51. Delivery 배달원.닷컴
  52. Chauffeur 대리운전밴드.한국
  53. Courier Service 퀵서비스밴드.한국
  54. Moving Service 이삿짐밴드.한국
  55. Farming 농장.한국
  56. Masseur 마사지밴드.com
  57. Recruiter 헤드헌팅.닷컴
  58. Study Abroad 유학.닷넷
  59. Mobile Telecommunications 이동통신.닷컴
  60. Senior 시니어잡.닷컴

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Thursday, 18 February 2021

Korean URL Shortener

There is an excellent Korean Domain Name URL shortener 고.한국 which translates as Go.Korea. It is easy to use. Create customised links, as I have done in the following list, or have the system create the link for you. Currently, the pathname part of the link must be ASCII.

  1. 고.한국/color
  2. 고.한국/colour
  3. 고.한국/shelf1
  4. 고.한국/shelf2
  5. 고.한국/bag
  6. 고.한국/shirt
  7. 고.한국/doll
  8. 고.한국/Uregex
  9. 고.한국/Uprog
  10. 고.한국/MaskTip1
  11. 고.한국/MaskTip2
  12. 고.한국/4shelves
  13. 고.한국/cats
  14. 고.한국/plate
  15. 고.한국/YearArt
  16. 고.한국/laces
  17. 고.한국/pencils
  18. 고.한국/CCI
  19. 고.한국/6shelves
  20. 고.한국/tzuyang
  21. 고.한국/jobs
  22. 고.한국/blog
  23. 고.한국/mrQueen
  24. 고.한국/heart
  25. 고.한국/hao2
  26. 고.한국/hao3
  27. 고.한국/jongno
  28. 고.한국/IDNs
  29. 고.한국/KDN
  30. 고.한국/names
  31. 고.한국/dream
  32. 고.한국/water

Here is the only link which I had the system create for me.

  1. 고.한국/89k5

Korean Domain Name 한글 도메인 네임

Sunday, 19 July 2020

Computer Science Internationalization - IDNs

I started a new thread on IDNForums entitled "Interesting IDNs" ➜

The basic idea is to add human interest stories to bring IDNs to life. So, if you know of or find interesting IDNs then please post the IDN along with itʼs associated story/explanation to aforementioned thread. If you do not want to join IDNforums then tweet me ( with your IDN + story and I will post to the thread.

Monday, 14 January 2019

Computer Science Internationalization - Adaptive URL

I recently came across an impressive Serbian website, Serbian National Internet Domain Registry (RNIDS/РНИДС). This siteʼs content text is available by user selection in English or Serbian, Cyrillic script or Serbian, Latin script.

What is happening in the browser address bar is what I find most interesting and impressive. Firstly, RNIDS has a Serbian Cyrillic Domain Name, рнидс.срб. This Domain Name is properly integrated into the site. It does not redirect to an ASCII domain, nor does it use a Frame redirect/forward. It is correctly displayed in the browser address bar.

Secondly, the pathname part of the URL is displayed in the currently selected language/script. If you browse round the site and change language/script you will see the URL pathname instantly adapt to your selected language/script. Here is an example page:

  1. Ћирилица (Serbian/Cyrillic Script): рнидс.срб/национални-домени/регистрација-националних-домена
  2. Latinica (Serbian/Latin Script): рнидс.срб/lat/nacionalni-domeni/registracija-nacionalnih-domena
  3. English: рнидс.срб/en/national-domains/registering-national-domains

I consider RNIDS to be an excellent example of usage of FULLY internationalised URLs. There are, nowadays, many sites with an Internationalised Domain Name in a multitude of languages/scripts. Most though still have an ASCII/English pathname. I consider this to be a missed opportunity. I highly recommend that sites fully internationalise their URLs. One way of achieving this is by the use of aliases