Thursday, 29 May 2014


The New gTLDs initiative has been ongoing for some time now so I thought it time I listed some Website Domain Names. I will only be listing IDNs (Internationalized Domain Names) which are those that consist of non Latin Scripts. My intention is to have at least one list entry for each New IDN gTLD as it goes live so this post will be ongoing for several months.

I will only be listing those IDNs I consider to be reasonably well integrated into the website. My criteria for inclusion excludes Frame redirects and IDNs that redirect to an ASCII Domain Name.
  1. العاب-فلاش.شبكة
  2. 洋服お直し.みんな 海外送金.みんな
  3. 房地产.在线
  4. 四川网.公司 双一牌.公司 镇江东方.公司
  5. 四川网.网络 双一牌.网络 叶淼.网络
  6. тобольск.онлайн
  7. цемент.орг праздник.орг
  8. продвинем.сайт
  9. мы.москва бонсай.москва фейерверки.москва
  10. 特斯拉.世界 亚布力论坛.世界
  11. 北龙中网.网址 吊顶网.网址
  12. 郑丹洁.我爱你
  13. 도메인.삼성
  14. 皮具.商城 苏州酒店.商城 赣州园林景观.商城 江西花炮网.商城 人气美食.商城
  15. 国安足球俱乐部.中信
  16. 注册局.广东
  17. 世界の歴史まっぷ.コム
  18. 雨伞批发.网店