Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Japanese Input Method

For many years I have used mechanisms like Character Palette for special pictorial symbols. Over time one acquires a set of frequently used symbols. There are also some symbols available by pressing key combinations. I do not find either of these methods satisfactory.
Recently I discovered an alternative method for typing pictorial symbols when using the Kotoeri Japanese Input Method on my Mac and iPod Touch. When writing Japanese one can invoke the Candidate Window by pressing the space bar after typing some Japanese. The Candidate Window lists all the possibilities for the word one has typed. Some Japanese words have associated symbol(s) which are selectable in the Candidate Window.
Below, I list those word/symbol associations I have, so far, found.
  • でんわ=telephone: type でんわ to get ☎
  • あめ=rain: type あめ to get ☂
  • ゆき=snow: type ゆき to get ☃
  • くも=cloud: type くも to get ☁
  • ほし=star: type ほし to get ★ or ☆
  • まる=circle: type まる to get ○ or ● or ◎ or ◉
  • おんせん=hot spring: type おんせん to get ♨
  • おんぷ=musical note: type おんぷ to get ♪ or ♩ or ♫ or ♬
  • かっこ=brackets: type かっこ to get 『』or()or〈〉or《》or【】or「」or〔〕
  • とらんぷ=playing cards: type とらんぷ to get ♢ or ♤ or ♡ or ♧ or ♦ or ♠ or ♥ or ♣
  • きごう=symbol: type きごう to get a profusion of symbols
For a more extensive list see Wolfgang Hadamitzky's Page