Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Family of Korean IDNs

The following is a list of functioning Korean IDNs (Internationalized Domain Names). They all belong to the same Computer Repair Company. The TLD (Top Level Domain) used is 닷컴 which is Verisign's new Korean language equivalent to their com TLD. Each IDN contains 컴퓨터수리 which means Computer Repair. The only difference between these IDNs is the first two characters which are the names of South Korean cities. I think this is clever and creative use of IDNs!

The last two IDNs below are structured differently. The first two characters are, I think, a neighbourhood and the first two characters after the hyphen are the city.

The cities are: 시흥 Siheung, 부천 Bucheon, 창원 Changwon, 마산 Masan, 평택 Pyeongtaek, 오산 Osan, 진해 Jinhae, 김해 Gimhae, 부산 Busan.

  1. 시흥컴퓨터수리.닷컴
  2. 부천컴퓨터수리.닷컴
  3. 창원컴퓨터수리.닷컴
  4. 마산컴퓨터수리.닷컴
  5. 평택컴퓨터수리.닷컴
  6. 오산컴퓨터수리.닷컴
  7. 진해컴퓨터수리.닷컴
  8. 김해컴퓨터수리.닷컴
  9. 북동컴퓨터수리-창원컴퓨터수리.닷컴
  10. 우동컴퓨터수리-부산컴퓨터수리.닷컴

Update 9th March 2017: Here is another family of Computer Repair 컴퓨터수리 IDNs with a different registrant.

  1. 김포컴퓨터수리.닷컴
  2. 안양컴퓨터수리.닷컴
  3. 용인컴퓨터수리.닷컴
  4. 용산컴퓨터수리.닷컴
  5. 대구컴퓨터수리.닷컴
  6. 종로컴퓨터수리.닷컴
  7. 강남컴퓨터수리.닷컴
  8. 파주컴퓨터수리.닷컴
  9. 일산컴퓨터수리.닷컴
  10. 성남컴퓨터수리.닷컴