Thursday, 30 November 2017

Computer Science Internationalization - Korean IDNs

Below are a set of Korean IDNs (Internationalised Domain Names). I have listed them because they are good examples of well integrated IDNs. They do not redirect to an ASCII Domain Name. They do not require the prefix www nor redirects to a www prefixed Domain Name. Forcing the www prefix means having mixed human language script Domain Names which I consider to be a bad thing. Single script Domain Names are a good thing. The IDN shows in the address bar and is correctly integrated into the navigation which means the site is using relative addressing which is also a good thing😀  The TLD (Top Level Domain) 한국 means Korea.
  1. 한국인터넷정보센터.한국
  2. 로봇사이언스.한국
  3. 용늪펜션.한국
  4. 흙사랑부동산.한국
  5. 국립어린이청소년도서관.한국
  6. 학원관리
  7. 판촉통.한국
  8. 알코올전문병원협의회.한국
  9. 장사도해운.한국
  10. 신흥프라스틱.한국 & 플라스틱용기.한국
  11. 삼청동맛집.한국
  12. 고려대학교.한국
판촉통.한국 (7th in the above list) is a Korean site selling promotional merchandise. Each product has photos and a twitter sharing button which when clicked results in the site composing a tweet which has a link to the product. Here is one such composed tweet:

오죽막선사군자 (1009044) 152,500원 via @판촉통 1544-8759

The important and relevant issue here is that the Domain Name in the composed tweet is ASCII instead of Korean. Fortunately, this problem can be easily fixed. Before tweeting I replace the ASCII Domain Name with the Korean Domain Name 판촉통.한국. The edited tweet is now:

오죽막선사군자 (1009044) 152,500원 http://판촉통.한국/product/product_view.php?code=1009044 via @판촉통 1544-8759

...and here is a link to the tweeted tweet

판촉통.한국 has 7 pages of fans 부채 and some of them are very beautiful. I recommend you browse through their fans section, which you will find at 판촉통.한국/product/cate_mid.php?cate=11300

고려대학교.한국 is the Korean IDN for Korea University. Goryeo 고려 (the first 2 characters of this Korean IDN) is the name of an old Korean kingdom