Saturday, 27 March 2010

Acronym IDNs

Latin Script acronyms are common place. Much more interesting are acronyms in non latin scripts. Even more interesting is when non latin script acronyms are used for IDNs. Below, I list acronym IDNs I have found. I list both the full form and the acronym form.
  1. Beijing University 北京大学.中国 北大.中国
  2. Beijing University 北京大學.中國 北大.中國
  3. HongKong University 香港大學.hk 港大.hk
  4. Okayama University 岡山大学.jp 岡大.jp
DDN Co. Ltd, Japan, has an acronym as their Company name. They have an IDN which is also an acronym. Their IDN is a transliteration of DDN into Japanese Katakana where ディー is D and N is エヌ.