Saturday, 10 April 2010


Kashi is a recently opened Japanese Yakiniko restaurant in Leicester レスター. I received a leaflet about Kashi this week. The only Kanji on the leaflet was 川岸 which literally means River Bank. The romanization of 川岸 is kawagishi. Another Japanese word that means River bank is 河岸 and it's romanization is kashi. So there is some fascinating word play going on here. Both 川岸 and 河岸 are also family and place names.

I deduce that yakiniko is an anglicised form of yakiniku? The kanji for yakiniku is 焼き肉 or 焼肉

Next time I am in Leicester レスター I will visit Kashi and ask them about the origin of their romanized name Kashi.

Kashi Japanese Yakiniko Restaurant
84-86 Granby Street, Leicester LE1 1DJ
tel: 0116 285 8818