Monday, 5 July 2010

British Airways

British Airways make clever and creative use of language tags and country codes in their web addresses. The last part of their web address is of the form LT_CC where LT is a language tag and CC is a country code. Here are just a few of the many possible language tag_country code combinations.
  1. 『english_great britain』
  2. 『japanese_great britain』
  3. 『japanese_japan』
  4. 『english_china』
  5. 『chinese_great britain』
  6. 『chinese_china』
  7. 『japanese_china』
Their website presents content according to LT_CC. With ja_cn, for instance, it sets departure country to China and displays some content text in Japanese. If you experiment with the LT_CC pair you will find that there are many more supported combinations of language tags and country codes.