Friday, 31 December 2010


I stumbled upon an impressive family of Chinese IDNs. All these IDNs belong to Gērùn 歌润, a Company that specialises in Cork products such as flooring and wall panels. The difference between these IDNs is in the initial two characters which are the names of the cities in which this Company has stores.

The website adapts content according to the IDN used to access the site. On the contact (联系方法) page there is a store location map according to the city specified in the IDN. Apart from Yìwū the maps used are Google maps.

  1. Běijīng 歌润北京店 北京软木地板墙板.中国
  2. Chéngdū 歌润成都店 成都软木地板墙板.中国
  3. Dōngyíng 歌润东营店 东营软木地板墙板.中国
  4. Jìnchéng 歌润晋城店 晋城软木地板墙板.中国
  5. Níngbō 歌润宁波店 宁波软木地板墙板.中国
  6. Shēnzhēn 歌润深圳店 深圳软木地板墙板.中国
  7. Tàiyuán 歌润太原店 太原软木地板墙板.中国
  8. Xī'ān 歌润西安店 西安软木地板墙板.中国
  9. Yìwū 歌润义乌店 义乌软木地板墙板.中国
  10. Zhèngzhōu 歌润郑州店 郑州软木地板墙板.中国

Update: I found nine of the above addresses using the search engines site operator. I noticed the pattern and was thus able to group them into a family. Recently I discovered the Company's Sina (新浪) blog.

One of the articles in this blog announces and lists their Chinese IDN addresses. Ten of them!
The address I had not found with the search engines was ㊉ Zhèngzhōu.