Monday, 25 July 2011

Loughborough Market T-shirts

On Saturday 23rd July Gordon Gekko, Jonny (刘家杰) and myself gave free T-shirts to Loughborough Market Stallholders. These T-shirts have Loughborough Market printed on them, not in English but in Chinese or Japanese. This endeavour is part of an initiative to internationalise Loughborough and make the World aware of Loughborough.

In the photo below Gordon Gekko, who is on the left, is wearing the Chinese T-shirt and Jonny is wearing the Japanese T-shirt. The text printed on the T-shirts is:

  • 拉夫堡市场 which is Simplified Chinese for Loughborough Market
  • ラフバラ市場 which is Japanese for Loughborough Market
Loughborough Market is on Thursdays and Saturdays so if you visit the market on a warm sunny day you may well see stallholders wearing these T-shirts.

Note: It may interest you to know that Gordon has the adopted Chinese name 恺心 (Kǎixīn).