Sunday, 14 June 2015

Chinese Name

My chinese adopted name is 小山 which consists of two chinese characters. Sometime ago I was informed that there is a single chinese character that combines 小 and 山. The ideographic description character sequence is ⿱小山

This combined character is encoded in Unicode in SIP (Supplementary Ideographic Plane), CJK Unified Ideographs Extension C at codepoint U+2AA24. The only font I have, so far, found which contains a glyph for this character is hanazono which is available for download from Hanazono is actually provided as two ttf font files:  HanaMinA and HanaMinB. Here is what the combined character, which is in HanaMinB, looks like in TextEdit on OSX.

Is there a sound for this uncommon character? After much searching I discovered which represents the sound as shān (Hanyu Pinyin) and ㄕㄢ (Zhuyin). Same sound for both forms of representation. CNS 11643 is a Taiwanese character set.