Friday, 12 June 2015


There is a regularly updated ICANN csv file which summarises key New gTLD information in 6 fields. It is available at (ref:

field 1: ASCII form (A-label)
field 2: unicode form (U-label) if an IDN otherwise empty
field 3: registry operator
field 4: date registry agreement signed
field 5: application number
field 6: date of delegation (empty if not yet delegated)

Fields 1,2 (if an IDN),3,4 from this csv are incorporated into the public suffix list

For example, the csv entry for .コム is

xn--tckwe,コム,"VeriSign Sarl",2015-01-15,1-1254-37311,

It seems as though Chrome browser uses this public suffix list. One interesting (and IMHO good) consequence is that Chrome will recognise a .コム IDN (eg ) as a domain name to be resolved even though it is not yet delegated. Chrome does not resort to a search. So Chrome is ready to go as soon as .コム is delegated.