Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Computer Science Internationalization - A Programming Challenge

I recently issued a simple (or is it?) programming challenge to 140+ university students. I will be giving this same challenge to school students at a participatory internationalisation workshop. The challenge is on jsfiddle. You too can try this challenge. You do not need to join jsfiddle and when you connect to jsfiddle you will be given your own copy of my code. You can thus modify the code as you wish and no changes will be made to my master version. You can also run your code on jsfiddle.

Here is the challenge. Either click on this link ➜ or click "Edit in JSFiddle" in the top right of the following window. Once connected to jsfiddle you can execute your code by clicking Run in the top left corner.

There are several solutions to this challenge. I will put at least two solutions in this blog article but not until after my internationalisation workshop. If you would like to share your solution(s) with me, tweet me at