Sunday, 14 January 2018

Computer Science Internationalization - Email Address Internationalization (EAI)

An internationalised email address is of the form Unicode@IDN where Unicode is a name consisting of Unicode characters (excluding the ASCII subset of Unicode) and an IDN (Internationalised Domain Name) consists of Unicode characters (again excluding the ASCII subset of Unicode). There are hybrid email addresses, such as, ASCII@IDN. My focus for this blog article is fully internationalised email addresses eg a fully Hindi email address.

Currently, internationalised email addresses are somewhat of a rarity and few people know they even exist or that they can register such an email. I believe, at time of writing, that we are on the threshold of a significant growth in registration and usage of internationalised email addresses.

I consider it is time to raise awareness of internationalised email addresses and that is the reason for this blog article. I will publish internationalised email addresses. I will only publish those emails which are in the public domain and which are fully internationalised. I will publish non public domain, personal email addresses but only if I am given explicit permission by the holder to publish in this blog article. This will be an ongoing article and I will endeavour to update on a regular basis.

I am aiming for some ten emails per language. When I reach my quota I will endeavour to change some of the emails so that if you revisit you will see a different set of emails.

If you do come across any fully internationalised email addresses in the public domain, please do let me know. You can tweet me at

  1. Chinese 中文
    1. 小山@电邮.在线 — my Chinese email address. 小山 is my adopted Chinese name. There is a story behind this name ➜
    2. 阿賈伊@电邮.在线 — Ajay Data अजय डाटा, CEO of Data Xgen Technologies. 阿賈伊 is a transliteration of अजय and written in hanyu pinyin is a jia yi.
  2. Hindi हिन्दी
    1. वसुंधरा@राजस्थान.भारत — Vasundhara Raje वसुंधरा राजे - At time of writing, the 13th Chief Minister of Rajasthan, India. Here is a video, from December 2017, of the official launch of the Hindi email service and of this Hindi email address ➜
    2. अजय@डाटा.भारत — Ajay Data अजय डाटा, CEO of Data Xgen Technologies.
  3. Russian Русский